Associate Director of Strategy

Role: To lead strategic thinking for on the accounts they work on. That means: Defining the client's businesses and marketing problems in interesting ways, leading to new strategic possibilities Identifying the right target audiences and developing insights into them creative and media teams can leverage Spotting cultural tensions and trends that are relevant to clients and can ensure work places the brand into culture To be able to evaluate the entire customer experience for the brands they work and make strategic recommendations on how to improve it. This includes: Understand the customer journey; to be able to map them for brands, conduct research about them To make recommendations regarding email, CRM and other communications tools that work across the customer lifecycle. Make sure the work is working using everything from brand tracking to the latest in cookie level data matching In addition, the person in this role will have the opportunity to shape the departments tools and methods, as well as participate in new business.   Skills Required: Massive curiosity: a desire to continuously learn and investigate. Clear, confident communicator in the written and spoken word. A strong presenter - good on their feet and good at understanding what a good presentation entails. The ability to recognize and fight for a good idea, but in a way that builds relationships, not destroys them. Experience and understanding of what makes creative teams tick and the best way to inspire and work with them. Comfortable working in an agile, fast-paced environment. Experience working on digital strategies (web and media) and ideally time in a digital only environment. Able to commission and conduct both qualitative and quantitative research Stays close to culture.   Required Experience: 6+ work experience which include digital Ideally experienceworking with healthcare (not pharma) or B2C financial services Working with and presenting to clients and creative New business (presentations, RFPs, etc.)
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

Don't Be Fooled

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